Zachariah Witcher

Zachariah Witcher is a professional upright and electric bass professional who lives, records and performs in Nashville, TN. A graduate of Belmont University with a degree in Commercial Music, Zachariah has experience in all areas of the music business, from playing on stage to writing and recording in the studio.  In 2013, Zachariah was awarded the Belmont Curby Award for Bassist of the Year.

Currently, Zachariah is a member of one of Nashville’s hottest new bands, Dynamo. You can also see him performing around Nashville with Jess Nolan , Bryce Merritt and others. Learn bass guitar in Nashville at any skill level with this performing musician.

Areas of Study

learn bass guitar in nashville

Students who learn bass guitar with Zachariah can look forward to personalized instruction that may include any of these:

    • Reading and Writing Nashville Number Charts
    • Reading and Writing Lead Sheets
    • Reading and Writing Notation
    • Understanding of Theory and Harmony
    • Ear Training (in relation to Harmony and Nashville Numbers)
    • Electric and Upright Bass
    • Knowledge of gear and tones
    • Being an authentic bass player in any genre (Pop, Country, Jazz, Rock, Fusion, R&B, Funk, Singer Songwriter and more)
    • Scales and Arpeggios
    • Improv (Building Bass Lines, Walking Bass Lines and Improv)
    • Playing Techniques (Finger Style, Playing With a Pick, Slap, Muted Sound with Palm and Thumb Techniques)
    • Studio Work (Arranging, Producing, Being Able to Please the Artist)
    • Memorization (Songs, Lines, Solos)
    • 5 and 4 String Basses
    • Locking with A Drummer
    • Understanding of Rhythm and Beat Placement
    • Leading a Band/Rehearsal

Bass guitar Nashville

Learn Bass Guitar with a Nashville Performer

Zachariah has recorded on the Grand Ole Opry Stage, Ocean Way Records, RCA Studio B, and played onstage with bands in a range of styles. He teaches the Nashville Number System, standard notation,  music theory, and improv to students of any skill level from beginner to advanced performer.

Contact us to learn more about playing bass in Nashville and taking lessons with Zachariah.