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Take Guitar Lessons from Performing Nashville Artists

Guitar teachers Shane Lamb and Sam Farkas are professional guitarists and  bring years of musical experience to their students’ guitar lessons.  This knowledge is shared help students learn the guitar skills they need to reach their own goals.


Topics of instruction include:

  • Electric and Acoustic Guitar for all ages & levels of experience
  • Preparation for recitals, contests, or music school auditions
  • Rock/Blues/Country Guitar Styles
  • Advanced Lead and Rhythm Guitar
  • The CAGED Guitar System
  • Nashville Style Guitar
  • Bass, Mandolin and Ukelele
  • Songwriting and composition: lyric, melodic, harmonic, form & structure
  • Picking techniques
  • Chords, strum patterns and Rhythm Guitar
  • Scales and Improvisation
  • Sight reading and notation
  • Ear Training
  • Music Theory
  • Nashville Number System/Lead Sheets
  • Fingerpicking
  • Slide Guitar
  • Open Tunings/Alternate tunings
  • Classical Guitar
  • Songs and Repertoire Development
  • Recording, demo recording, arranging, performance techniques and preparation and coaching.

Jazz Guitar (beginner and intermediate)

Jazz music is both highly enjoyable and often challenging. Having a solid understanding of the basics is the first step for any aspiring jazz guitarist. Topics covered include:

  • Jazz harmony – understand chords that contain extensions and alterations
  • Chord voicings – chord spellings that are unique to the guitar and allow you to play complex chords through an accessible fingering
  • Scales, modes, and arpeggios – these are the foundations of playing melodies and improvising solos
  • Common jazz chord progressions – learn some of the common chord progressions that can be found frequently in jazz music
  • Chord-melody arrangements – playing the chords of a song and the melody of the song simultaneously
  • Walking basslines – create rhythm and motion in the lower register of your guitar
  • Improvisations – developing motifs, “singing” your solo, and transcribing the solos of jazz greats


A common approach in country, blues, and folk music, fingerstyle guitar playing is all about representing the bass, harmony, and melody simultaneously with one instrument. Basic fingerstyle playing is a great way to break away from strumming the same old chords and achieve a more musical and interesting sound. Topics covered include:

  • Alternating bass – “bouncing” the thumb between notes
  • Travis Picking – a common style often credited to Merle Travis
  • Finger independence – breaking out of a repetitious finger pattern
  • Alternate tunings – achieve different sounds and textures through common alternate guitar tunings (DADGAD, open tunings, etc.)

Guitar lessons for you!

Students at Nashville’s Green Hills Guitar Studio receive personalized private and group guitar lessons. All of our music lessons are tailored to your specific needs and musical interests and goals.

Frustrations and rut busting!

All too often we receive inquiries from guitar students and parents reflecting a frustration with their study of guitar. Usually the student isn’t learning what they want to be learning and they practice less and less, losing interest in something they once found interesting, exciting and a source of enjoyment. Instead, their guitar teacher is teaching them what he/she likes or finds interesting.
This usually causes students to become bored or frustrated…and that is no way to spend valuable time and money!  We believe we are here to help you reach your goals and enjoy the music you want to learn, all while being supported, challenged and having fun.
Another common frustration we hear from students looking for a new guitar instructor is a lack of direction, organization and a linear approach to the material and guitar lessons. Unlike more traditional instruments like cello or piano that have graded methods and a pedagogy, learning guitar can be quite overwhelming with all of the videos, books, online tabs, apps and gaps in the information. Music instructors at Green Hills Guitar studio will provide you a structured path through the endless amounts of information that often lead to wasting time, bad habits, distraction and frustration.
It is normal to get into ruts, we all do. It’s part of the learning and growth process. It’s important to not stay there! If you are feeling like your guitar playing or guitar lessons have plateaued, we would be happy to help. We have a lot of experience ourselves as students,  musicians, and guitarist instructors to help you begin charting a new plan and re-focusing energies that will get you to the next phase of your guitar playing and creativity. Here are some thoughts on 3 questions to consider to help you navigate music lessons.
When you take guitar lessons from us, we will provide you with customized guitar lessons that are organized, well explained and linear.
So, whether you are a complete beginner or have  been playing guitar for years, give us a call. Sign up below for private guitar lessons, or grab a friend and sign up for group guitar lessons today!

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