Bass Guitar Lessons

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Bass guitar instructor Zachariah Witcher is a professional performing and recording musician with years of musical experience. He has studied and performed multiple styles of music and bass guitar. Zacharia shares this experience and  knowledge to help students learn and develop the skills necessary to reach their own goals as musicians.
In a few blog posts, I talked about what to consider when looking for a guitar instructor. I believe the same information applies to bass, or any instrument really. Whether you are looking for a new bass instructor to  get you out of a rut or if you are looking to begin bass lessons, there are 3 questions worth asking yourself.  Once you have thought about these answers, next consider how best to find the right bass teacher for you.


    • Reading and Writing Nashville Number Charts
    • Reading and Writing Lead Sheets
    • Reading and Writing Notation
    • Understanding of Theory and Harmony
    • Ear Training (in relation to Harmony and Nashville Numbers)
    • Electric and Upright Bass
    • Knowledge of gear and tones
    • Being an authentic bass player in any genre (Pop, Country, Jazz, Rock, Fusion, R&B, Funk, Singer Songwriter and more)
    • Scales and Arpeggios
    • Improv (Building Bass Lines, Walking Bass Lines and Improv)
    • Playing Techniques (Finger Style, Playing With a Pick, Slap, Muted Sound with Palm and Thumb Techniques)
    • Studio Work (Arranging, Producing, Being Able to Please the Artist)
    • Memorization (Songs, Lines, Solos)
    • 5 and 4 String Basses
    • Locking with A Drummer
    • Understanding of Rhythm and Beat Placement
    • Leading a Band/Rehearsal


The bass guitar serves a very important role in music. Science has proven that bassists are one of the most important band members…sorry singers!

Bass guitar provides very vital and fundamental roles in music and varied ensembles. Traditionally, the bass provided rhythmic and harmonic foundation.  When is the last time you saw or heard a band without bass? The third function and role of a bass player is melody.


What would all of those great Motown songs be without those memorable bass lines…not to mention those grooves and that tone! Paul McCartney just wasn’t the cute one, he is a brilliant melodic bass player, often providing a wonderful counterpoint to all of those tremendous melodies.

Learn more about Zachariah, the Green Hills Guitar Studio bass instructor. Ready to learn bass? Fill out the contact form and we’ll get back to you soon.